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Casey Barten, DVM

Bluestem Embryo Transfer Center is a full service embryo facility dedicated to helping our clients achieve the genetic goals for their herd.  We are conveniently located 1.5 miles off of Highway 15 between Abilene and Hillsboro. Feel free to call with any questions;


Office #: 785-949-2007

Office Cell #: 785-280-9596

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Full Service Embryo Transfer Facility

Bluestem Embryo Transfer Center (BETC.) was established in 2006 on Barten Farms.  Veterinarian and AETA Board Certified Embryologist, Casey Barten, DVM oversees and actively manages the setup, housing and veterinary services for the facility.  DaLean Barten, DVM, Casey's wife, alongside a very capable crew are proud to offer quality care to your animals and top notch customer service to you:

  • Animal husbandry and cow comfort are always the highest priority at our facilities

  • Excellent management and experienced staff to optimize production for your donors and recips

  • Indoor working facility designed for efficiency and calm treatment of cattle

  • The BETC and cooperating recipient herds are closely monitored and are given outstanding attention and care


Services Include:


Traditional Embryo Transfer

We will manage as much of the process as you wish- observing reference heats, superovulation set-up, AI, donor flush, freezing embryos, fresh or frozen transfer of embryos to recipient cattle.


In Vitro Fertilization

Oocytes (unfertilized eggs) are collected at BETC by ultrasound guided aspiration. They are sent to the lab where they are fertilized and matured before being shipped back to BETC as Grade 1 embryos


Donor Housing

Bluestem Embryo Transfer Center (BETC), is able to house and manage active Donors. Donor care is a top priority at BETC. We feel that a well fed and cared for donor will produce to her full potential.


Reproductive Ultrasound Examinations

As part of the management of your cattle or as a separate service, Dr. Barten can use ultrasonography for assessing pregnancy term, fetal sex, as well as donor reproductive evaluations

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) at 

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IVF is available at Bluestem Embryo Transfer Center.  Oocytes (unfertilized eggs) are collected at BETC by Vytelle OPU technicians using ultrasound guided aspiration.  The oocytes are sent to the Salina KS Vytelle lab, just 30 minutes away, where they are fertilized and matured.  They are monitored closely over the next 7-8 days and then sent back to our facility as Grade 1 frozen or fresh embryos for immediate transfer.

Benefits of IVF Include:

  • Donors can be aspirated every 2 weeks 

  • Oocytes can be collected from heifers and pregnant donors up to around 120 days of gestation, depending on individual 

  • No superovulation or synchronization drugs (FSH) required

  • Opportunity for aggressive embryo production in high priority donors, meaning donors can be aspirated in between rounds of traditional ET

  • The process is so simple and easy on the cow that injured or older cows can still produce embryos

Some things to consider:

  • No setup fees - you only pay per viable embryo produced, charges are based on production.

  • Outpatient procedure - donors can be brought in on the day of the procedure and taken home once it is complete

Feel free to call with any questions and to inquire about specific pricing.

785-949-2007 or 785-280-3000

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